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Purple Rain Anti-Frizz Pack

Ingredient List

Save over $25 with the Purple Rain Essential Bundle. 

    Purple Rain is packed full of nourishing natural ingredients to tame frustrating frizz and soothe irritated and itchy scalps. 

    • Açai oil hydrates to tame frizz
    • Cocoa butter reduces fall out
    • Aloe restores shine and radiance
    • Vitamin B promotes hair growth
    • Anti-inflammatories soothe scalp irritation 

    The açai berry's natural purple color corrects brassy undertones, making Purple Rain perfect for blonde and gray hair. 

    Each bar last between 75-90 washes. (Although some customers say they've lasted over a year!)


    • 1x Purple Rain shampoo bar
    • 1x Purple Rain conditioner bar
    • 1x Bamboo Tray - to make your bars last 5x longer! 
    • 1x Bamboo Hair Brush - by  Zero Waste Cartel 

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