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The Humby Man - Conditioner Bar

The Humby Man - Conditioner Bar

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With the warm, velvet and milky prized wood-scent, the sandalwood bars provide the perfect deep moisture to get thick luscious texture and strong permanent growth.

The deep aroma of sandalwood blended with the earthy tones of peppermint and lavender creates a completely unique alluring scent that lasts throughout the week.

The Sandalwood essential oil has proven to:

  • Stimulate hair growth - Sandalwood's unique ability to trigger the main building block of protein found in our hair, keratin. Makes it the perfect shampoo for a healthy, thick texture.
  • Anti dandruff - The cooling, anti-bacterial nature of sandalwood soothes sensitive scalps and curbs infection to prevent flaking
  • Reduces oily hair - Slows down sebum secretion, keeping hair cleaner for longer


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