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Shampoo Bar Ingredients



sodium coco sulfate  creates the perfect lather
lemon juice  strong cleanser - product buildup
powdered lemon peel  removes the buildup of styling products
cocoa butter  moisturizes, hydrates, fights frizz
coconut oil  promotes shine & protects colored hair
apricot seed oil  strengthens hair & promotes growths
hemp seed oil  helps prevent hair loss
red raspberry seed oil  prevents and can reverse sun damage
pro vitamin b complex  adds vitamins for nourishing hair
essential oil blend  natural scent
clay, seed powder, flower powder  natural bar coloring 


Conditioner Bar Ingredients 



Rapeseed Oil  fatty acids soften and moisturize
Cocoa butter  frizz-fighting,  shine-promoting
Coconut Oil  moisturizes, adds shine & softness
Glycerin  attracts & draws moisture to your hair
Olive Oil  antioxidants promote scalp & hair health
Essential oils  natural scent
Jojoba Oil  strengthens & can promote hair growth
Wheat Germ Oil  strengthens hair follicles

Vitamin E

prevents breakage and brittle hair 

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